Infinite Safety Solutions was founded in 2011 and has the best personnel in the safety industry dedicated and highly competent professionals who have built a reputation based on successfully supplying equipment consistent with their client’s best interest and tailored to their specific needs.

Infinite Safety Solutions is a rapidly growing company providing innovative, durable and comfortable safety solutions to government, industrial, and commercial clients.

Our Mission

MISSION: To inspire along the path set in front of us, to be a source of excellence to our customers, to set a tradition of meeting customer’s expectations and beyond, and to make decisions based on asking
“If I were the customer…”

VISION: To be the leading safety provider; by delivering world recognized products which are compliant with international safety standards, attaining competitive advantage for our customers, employees, partners and shareholders.

VALUES: As our business grows and evolves, it's our values that firmly anchor our culture and make us unique.
Infinite Safety Solutions Ltd bases its business approach on a set of values that articulate our culture and define the way we work. It's not just what we do, but how we do it that counts.


Infinite Safety Solutions employee number is rapidly growing. Employees consist of motivated and confident professionals whose strength lie within our mission, vision and values. We constantly educate employees and reaffirm commitment to excellence in order to meet the ever improving Health, Safety and Environmental regulations.


As a growing company we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. Managing our environmental foot print and minimizing our environmental impacts requires a disciplined approach. We identify and mitigate potential risks, report regularly against recognized industry standards, influence suppliers and reward results that improve environmental outcomes.
We implement innovative systems and encourage positive behaviors to recycle and reduce consumption of resources.

Health & Safety Policy

The cornerstone of our safety and health culture lies in our core value: safety and health above all else.
Infinite Safety Solutions has a comprehensive Health, Safety and Environment management system implemented to ensure the wellbeing of all employees in accordance to existing Kenya labor and safety laws. The management is committed to the successful execution of projects and the establishment of an accident-free record.